How to use a SteriPEN


SteriPEN water purifiers use a germicidal UV light to disinfect water, killing 99.9999% of bacteria and leaving no aftertaste.

How it works

SteriPEN uses a short wave germicidal UV light to purify water. The UV light disrupts the DNA within bacteria, viruses and protozoa, rendering them unable to reproduce, and therefore harmless. In clear water the SteriPEN will destroy over 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of protozoa.


Although you may have never heard of UV water treatment, you have probably benefited from it. UV water treatment is increasingly being used by the bottled water and beverage industries to ensure purity. UV treatment is very effective and leaves no aftertaste, making it ideal for long-term use and for bottled mineral water. So next time you buy a bottle of water, or take some from the water cooler at work it is highly likely that your drink has been UV purified.




How to use it

The SteriPEN is easy to use. We recommend that you follow the following steps when using your SteriPEN:

  • 1. Insert four AA batteries correctly.
  • 2. Remove lamp cover. Note: sensors must be dry.
  • 3. Push on/off button twice for up to 0.5L, or once for 0.5 - 1L of water, the green LED will flash for 15 seconds indicating that the SteriPEN is ready to use. Note: this step must be completed BEFORE immersing the lamp in water.
  • 4. Whilst the LED is flashing dip the UV lamp into the water until the lamp and water sensors are completely immersed. When the water is detected the UV lamp will automatically light. Note: if the SteriPEN doesn't light up, then the water should not be consumed.
  • 5. Agitate the water by stirring the SteriPEN until the lamp turns off. The green LED will turn on to indicate that the dose is complete. Note: if a red LED turns on after the lamp shuts off then the dose is incomplete.
  • 6. Remove the SteriPEN from the water. Dry off the lamp and water sensors with a clean cloth and replace the lamp cover.


Further advice and troubleshooting

The SteriPEN uses four AA cell batteries. While any AA batteries work, tests have shown that high quality Lithium batteries provide on average ten times the treatments of standard Alkaline batteries. So if your low battery indicator is flashing and you've recently replaced the batteries try using Lithium or NiMH batteries instead of Alkaline.

Testing your SteriPEN
If you attempt to test your SteriPEN in tap water you will often find that it does not work. This is because tap water is considerably purer than water from a stream or river, and lacks the sediments and minerals found in nature. The SteriPEN water sensors use the sediment in the water to detect it and therefore will not activate in tap water. Try stirring in a teaspoon of salt or sugar before testing your SteriPEN.

Low Temperatures
Battery performance may be adversely affected by cold weather, try to ensure your SteriPEN is above 0°C before use. Store your batteries in your pocket or in a warm place in cold weather.

Sensor not dry problem
If the water sensing pins are dirty or wet they will be unable to detect water, and the flashing green LED will not activate. Clean and dry the water sensors with a clean cloth to prevent this problem from occurring.

Turbid, murky or cloudy water
SteriPEN is intended for use, and is most effective, in clear water. However, SteriPEN has been shown to reduce contamination in cloudy water. If clear water is not available, first try to filter the water to clarify it. If it is necessary to treat turbid, murky or cloudy water then use double the normal dose. For example, to treat one litre of turbid water, use two one-litre treatments. Note: treating turbid, unfiltered water should only be done when clear water is unavailable. Use clear water whenever possible.

Alternative treatment
As with any water treatment systems, you should always have a backup method of water treatment available.
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